Sorel Holiday Campaign

Sorel Winter Lifestyle PhotoshootSorel Glitter Photoshoot Sorel Lifestyle Photography Sorel Photo Shoot Sorel Winter Lifestyle Sorel Lifestyle Photoshoot

I have a new lifestyle campaign out in the wild that I shot with the wonderful people at Sorel. We went with a gritty black and white look that you wouldn’t expect for the holidays, but it totally works.

As with any photoshoot, the crew on this one was so essential, and I’m always thankful that I’m able to work with some of the best people in the world. We even got to create a new position on set for this one – head glitter wrangler. Big thank you to Robb for stepping up for that one!




A fashion editorial inspired by NBA legend Bill Walton

A fashion editorial inspired by NBA legend Bill Walton

The inspiration for my photography comes from funny places. A while back I was asked to submit work for a group art show at Land Gallery in Portland by the incredibly talented Clifton Burt. The theme was our local NBA team, the Portland Trailblazers. I’m a fan and so are a lot of other folks in the Portland art and design community. It made for a really great show with some amazing work from the likes of Will Bryant, Adam Garcia of The Pressure, Always With Honor and OMFGCO.

I decided to reinterpret scenes from the 1977 documentary film Fastbreak as a fashion photo editorial. The film follows the the Blazers on their quest to win the NBA championship. I immediately knew that my muse was Bill Walton. He channeled this great, soft spoken Portland vibe. Picking blackberries, riding his bike out in the countryside, and wrapping himself in a Pendleton blanket by a campfire. Not what you’d expect from a baller.


Stay Wild Kook Out

Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out Surfing Stay Wild Magazine Kook Out

I have to admit, I’m a total kook. My attempts to surf usually result in me getting my ass completely kicked and crawling away humbled by the incredible power of mother nature. When I have managed to catch a wave, it’s been pure magic. I totally see why a lot of surfers are territorial assholes. I plan on earning my place on those waves though, so make room.

My most recent attempt was at the aptly titled 4th of July Kook Out put on by Stay Wild Magazine. Thankfully, it was a kook friendly affair, and everyone was super awesome and super friendly. I still got my ass kicked, but I loved every minute of it.

If you haven’t seen Stay Wild Magazine, you should totally try to track down a copy. It’s a free quarterly adventure magazine published out of Portland Oregon that celebrates all things wild and free. It’s full of great stories and photos. Kooks welcomed, wanted and needed.


TFIBFTL – Sasquatch 2015

Sasquatch Music Festival 2015 Ballons These People are Groovy Passed Out at the Music Festival Sasquatch Music Festival - The Gorge Third Eye

The film is back from the lab! I made a whirlwind trip to photograph the Sasquatch Music Festival in the Gorge over Memorial Day weekend. I only had one day to shoot and a terrible night of sleep in the parking lot, but it was still great.

I’ve shot at the festival for a number of years and it’s always been great. For starters, my buddy Adam is the guy in charge of the line up and he’s got so much talent for booking solid headliners and fantastic support acts. There is always some band that you’ve never heard of, but who will be huge in a year or two playing on some small side stage. Once you factor in the amazing landscape and all the kooky kids, it just becomes magical. – Redheads

Photograph of a redheaded woman with sunglasses

Featureshoot is one of my favorite photography websites, and I’m super happy to have another one of my photos featured in their group show alongside my buddy Beto in Berlin and some other amazing photographers like Bryan Sheffield and Dolly Faibyshev

I figured that there would be a lot of brooding beautiful young things in this collection of images. So I did my best to try to find something that was a bit unexpected. I dug into the archives and found this photograph of Sophia, a quirky character that I met at a small county fair. I made this portrait of her on the midway against a blue tarp that was the perfect background.

At Edge Microview 46

At-Edge-Top-Advertising-Photographer-Anthony-Georgis-3_1 At-Edge-Top-Advertising-Photographer-Anthony-Georgis-4_1 At-Edge-Top-Advertising-Photographer-Anthony-Georgis-6_1

I just got my copy of the most recent At Edge Microview book and it’s incredible. It’s so great to see my work included alongside some of my favorite contemporary photographers. My favorite images in volume 46 are from David Martinez, Paolo Marchesi and Shaun Fenn with a great cover by Todd Baxter.

For this edition, I picked an image from a shoot with the lovely and talented model/actress/comedian Gabby VandenAvond.  It’s all about the bubbles.